Independent Oilfield Inspection Services Limited performs non destructive testing including magnetic particle inspection (MT) for ferrous equipment, and liquid penetrant inspections (PT) for non-magnetic equipment, of end area connections, thread profile gauging and visual end area, UT connection inspection of both ferrous and non ferrous tools, to what is commonly referred to as an “API inspection”. Further to this, dimensional checks are made for compliance to API Specification 7, for new rotary shouldered threaded connections, and also compliance to the used criteria for drill pipe and bottom hole assembly (BHA) such as T. H. Hill, Drill Stem 1, commonly referred to as T. H. Hill, DS-1.

Independent Oilfield Inspection Services Limited can inspect drill pipe, full length, using the Electronic Magnetic Induction method (EMI, buggy run) and critical areas with the latest Ultrasonic end area wheel to the following recommended procedure of API RP7G-2 and or to a T. H. Hill DS-1, drill pipe inspection category 5, if required, which encompasses the dimensional check of rotary shouldered connections, ultrasonic (UT) wall thickness measuring, EMI, MT inspections of the tubular outside diameter and connections, UTEA in compliance with that procedure.

During 2008 Independent Oilfield Inspection Services Limited purchased two new VEDAQ 2000 mobile drill pipe units and can perform inspections from 2-7/8 inch to 6-5/8 inch OD drill pipe. Giving full digital acquisition search coil and hall effect monitoring of tube integrity. In 2014 we added the techsonic EZ II Ultrasonic end area wheel to perform category 5 inspections making Independent Oilfield the only company in New Zealand able to perform this inspection. Directional equipment such as drilling motors, non-magnetic jewellery, intelligent directional equipment, and BHA dumb iron have been a core part of Independent’s business and the company has been entrenched with major players in this business since day one.