Health and Safety and IOISL Policies

Independent Oilfield Inspection Services is committed to a Health and Safety culture that aims for a goal of zero accidents and incidents.

All Independent Oilfield Inspection Services staff are involved in continual improvement and initiative actions to maintain our Health and Safety Management System to the requirements of standard  AS/NZS 4801:2001. Independent Oilfield Inspection Services understands that Occupational Health and Safety is imperative for successful business and we strive to provide a safe workplace for our employess, contractors and visitors.

All Independent Oilfield Inspection Services employees actively participate in:

- Regular toolbox meetings
- Regular safety meetings
- Hazard identification, risk management and reviews of existing hazards
- Job safety analysis
- In-house area safety audits
- Safe operating procedures
- Pre-employment and random drug and alcohol screening


Health, Safety and Quality Policy


Our Values

- The management of quality and occupational health & safety is an integral part of our business
- Occupational health and safety and quality is everyone’s responsibility
- We demonstrate management commitment, leadership and competence in proactive accident prevention and continual operations improvement
- We strive towards eliminating harm to workers
- We provide quality services that exceed our customers’ expectations
- We believe in communicating our occupational health and safety and quality performance.


Our Commitment

- To establish and maintain management systems to the requirements of Occupational Health and Safety (AS/NZS:4801 audit standard) and Quality (ISO 9001)
- To develop, implement, measure and review objectives and targets to ensure continual improvement of our occupational health, safety and quality performance
- To provide training and information to workers on occupational health and safety and quality responsibilities and the importance of their individual contributions to the business
- To provide appropriate resources to enable maintenance and continuous improvement of the occupational health and safety and quality management system
- To monitor and review existing operations to eliminate the risk of harm to workers
- To consistently review new plant, equipment and processes which will minimise hazards and their associated risks
- To comply with all legal and statutory requirements
- To consult with and encourage participation of workers and up-skill and involve them in continual improvement and performance enhancement initiatives
- To provide information to all interested parties on our occupational health and safety and quality performance.


Independent Oilfield Inspection Services recognises that providing a safe and healthy workplace, together with quality services is imperative to its overall business goals. In recognising our position in the local community, we will strive towards eliminating harm from our workplace.


Date reviewed: September 2020
Reviewed by: R McIsaac
Next review: September 2021